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Over 300 environmental and earth science professionals and technical experts dedicated to your project

Accredited chemistry, microbiology, geotechnics and material testing laboratories, as well as soil characterization facilities are available to our team of over 300 environmental and earth science professionals and technical experts.

The opening of a new site, its operations, and eventual close requires securing a range of environmental authorizations from various levels of government. In addition to environmental compliance, potential solutions require the integration of elements ensuring the acceptability of projects to society and, as a result, sensitivity and an environmentally friendly approach can help bring projects into being.

SMi can provide local engineering and technical support while having access to The S.M. Group International Inc. pool of multidisciplinary professional teams as well as accredited laboratories, as required. Our teams can handle the multiple facets of any project while aiming to meet sustainable development criteria.

Our expertise includes environmental phase I, II and III assessments, coordination and field management of reclamation programs, development of environmental programs, and spill impact assessments and remediation, to name a few.