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SMi Faciliop is a Western Canadian engineering firm, with regional and international infrastructure in place.

At SMi Faciliop, we live and play in the communities where we work.

SMi Faciliop aligns itself with our clients’ Health, Safety & Environmental objectives and corporate philosophies. We provide strong engineering, estimation, planning and project management teams that deliver projects that work the first time.

Project Management

EPC Project Management including planning, cost control, health and safety, quality management system, procurement, work inspection and integrated project management system. Our adaptable approach to projects, high technical expertise and experience is what differentiates us from our competition.

Engineering and Design

Our technical experts have experience in the field and understand the harsh operating environments. With this knowledge, our experts make careful decisions in the designing process, piping networks, selecting equipment and instrumentation, and designing structures and foundations. We always take constructability, operability, maintenance, reliability and the environment into account while ensuring that every project is executed according to plan and with the consent of all stakeholders.


SMi has unique experience in every area associated with procurement: technical specifications, procurement methods and policies tailored to clients’ procedures, planning, monitoring and expediting, manufacturing and inspection quality assurance services, cost control and deadlines, management of proposals for substitution and change requests; shipping and receiving services.


Our SMi EPCM project manager will ensure that your project is executed with due care and diligence, and within contractual definition of the required deliverables.

In many of our projects, the construction management and project management are done together. SMi often provide this service to our clients, as we are involved with the engineering and procurement and logistics of the project from the start. As an EPCM company, we will offer construction management and supervision as part of our overall project management. Our management and supervisory services can be customized on your needs and range from initial preconstruction planning to construction and installation, to plant commissioning, start-up assistance and operational phase accompanied by contract management, cost control, and quality checks.

Project Management Consultant (PMC)

SMi provides a tailored project management service with options that fit the needs of our clients while defining their project requirements and managing project delivery. Our tailored PMC program controls all aspects of the project life cycle, including leadership, planning, stakeholder management, project control and delivery on your behalf. Through well-managed, controlled and visible activities, we ensure our clients’ desired results are realized while ensuring the project meets or exceeds their corporate goals. SMi has a proven track record of delivering projects on time and whithin budget while ensuring the highest quality standards.

SMi Faciliop revolutionizes plant performance through technology and experience with a proven track record

Protecting the Environment

SMi Faciliop, through its innovative approaches, integrates its projects into the surrounding environment. We develop long-lasting solutions, thereby mitigating environmental impact in every sector entrusted to us.

Keeping Safe and Secure

Security has become a critical issue in every part of the world. SMi Faciliop has established itself quickly as a leading expert in this field. SMi Faciliop incorporates security measures into all our operations by combining expertise and technology to ensure territorial, site and personal security.